What do you and your partner usually talk about each day?

There are usually a variety of topics like the dramas of work, sharing concerns about friends or situations, talking about kids, a recounting of what happened during the day, maybe an occasional trip planning or dream sharing. 

What if you added in some reminiscing about the early days in your relationship? What are some of those fun moments in the beginning that let you know there was something special between the two of you?

Bring little hints of those experiences on occasion and watch as just a simple mention can lighten the mood, change the vibe, make you both smile. 

It’s even more fun to add a little tease to it. Here is one of my favorites, “There I was, minding my own business when you walked behind me and touched my back.” To which he replies, “And you didn’t pull away or slap me.” Even as I write that, I can see the moment clearly in my mind and the many times we’ve re-lived it over the years. It brings a smile to my face and lighthearted fun to our relationship. 

Now it’s your turn. Think about those moments. Do you feel yourself smiling? Now share it with your partner, “Remember that time when ______?” 

If you’re struggling to think of memories to reminisce about, then you need to take the time to do a little work. Those moments exist. Often we get so focused on what’s not working that we forget that something was at one point in time. Use this phrase, “ I choose to remember the good.” It might take time to come back to you but it will. You can also start today and begin making a new memory vault. 

The point of this is to bring back the little moments that meant so much, the times when life was less heavy, the moments that were blissful. Relive them. Rekindle the flame by keeping that early love alive and honored. 

Until next time,

Tonya Marie

P.S. Grab the free journal prompts that accompany this “Rekindling the Flame: 30 Days to a Stronger Relationship” blog series at the link below.