Imagine effortlessly aligning with your true self, making decisions with clarity and confidence.

Wanna know how to flow through life?

You can—with Human Design.

Unlock the secrets of your Human Design in this focused 60-minute session. We’ll explore your authority and strategy, helping you make decisions that align with your true self. You’ll learn how to trust your inner compass for choices that bring more energy and fulfillment into your life.

What We’ll Cover:

  • Key Human Design Elements: Understand your unique energy type, authority, and strategy.
  • Practical Decision-Making Tips: Simple strategies to apply your Human Design in daily life.

Who This Is For:

  • Perfect for anyone feeling trapped by their routine and unsure how to embrace change. This session provides the insights to start living authentically.
  • If deep emotional connections and personal healing are what you’re after but the path seems foggy, this guidance will clear the way.

What’s Included:

  • One Hour Zoom Session: Personal discussion on your Human Design.
  • Session Recording: Revisit the insights whenever you need.
  • Custom PDF Guide: Highlights of your session for easy reference.

Ready to tune into your inner compass? Let’s refine your approach to daily decisions and enhance your life’s flow. Book now!

This 90-minute session is designed to illuminate the key elements of your Human Design and Gene Keys that define your life’s purpose. Dive deep into your Incarnation Cross and key gates to discover how you can align your career and personal aspirations with your unique design, leading to a more purpose-driven and fulfilling life.

What We’ll Cover:

  • Incarnation Cross Exploration: Uncover the main themes of your life’s purpose as depicted by your Incarnation Cross. Learn how these themes play out in your personal and professional life.
  • Key Gates Insight: Delve into the specific gates in your chart that are most influential, understanding their impact on your life path and the opportunities they offer.
  • Gene Keys Integration: Explore the Gene Keys that correspond to your prominent gates and crosses, providing a deeper spiritual and practical understanding of your life’s work.
  • Strategies for Alignment: Receive tailored strategies to help you align your daily actions with your life’s purpose, enhancing your overall sense of fulfillment.

Who This Is For:

  • Individuals seeking clarity on their life’s direction and purpose.
  • Those who are at a crossroads in their career or personal life and looking for deeper existential answers.
  • Anyone interested in integrating spiritual insights with practical life choices for a more aligned and meaningful existence.

What’s Included:

  • 90-Minute Deep Dive Session: Conducted via Zoom, this session offers a profound exploration of your Human Design and Gene Keys.
  • Session Recording: A recording of our session, so you can revisit the insights as you integrate them into your life.
  • Customized Life Path Report: A detailed report on your Incarnation Cross, key gates, and relevant Gene Keys, along with practical strategies for alignment.

Explore the blueprint of your life’s purpose with the “Life Path Clarity Session” and start living in alignment with your true self, making decisions that resonate deeply with your core being.

Parenting is one of life’s most rewarding challenges, and understanding your own Human Design alongside your children’s can transform your approach.

This 90-minute session is designed to help you harness the power of Human Design to guide, nurture, and understand your children more deeply.

What We’ll Cover:

  • Understanding Your Parenting Style: Learn how your Human Design influences your parenting methods and how you can use this knowledge to strengthen your relationship with your children.
  • Children’s Charts Exploration: Examine up to three of your children’s Human Design charts, understanding their unique needs and how they interact with the world.
  • Harmonizing Family Dynamics: Gain insights into how different designs within the family can interact, helping you create a more harmonious and supportive home environment.
  • Tailored Strategies for Each Child: Develop specific strategies that align with each child’s energy type, making it easier to address their unique challenges and foster their strengths.

      Who This Is For:

      • Parents who want to deepen their understanding of their own parenting style and its impact on their children.
      • Families looking for ways to improve communication, reduce conflicts, and support each child’s individuality.
      • Those interested in a holistic approach to family dynamics and child development.

      What’s Included:

      • 90-Minute Zoom Session: A comprehensive discussion about your family’s unique designs.
      • Detailed Charts for Up to Three Children: Visual guides to each child’s design, helping you understand and nurture their individual traits.

        Customized Parenting Guidance: Practical tips and strategies tailored to your family’s needs.

        Ready to parent with confidence and insight? Let “Parenting by Design” guide you to a more fulfilling family life, tailored to the unique designs of your household.

        In this 90-minute session, you and your partner will explore how your individual Human Designs and the dynamics between them can enhance your relationship. Understanding each other’s design can lead to deeper understanding, improved communication, and a more powerful connection.

        What We’ll Cover:

        • Individual Design Analysis: We’ll start by understanding each partner’s Human Design chart. Discover how your Type, Strategy, and Authority influence your personal behavior and how you interact as a couple.
        • Interpersonal Dynamics: Learn how your energies interact, identify potential friction points, and discover how to support each other’s growth.
        • Strategies for Harmony: Based on your designs, we will develop strategies to help mitigate conflicts and enhance understanding, ensuring both partners feel valued and heard.
        • Gene Keys Venus Sequence Insights: Dive deeper into the Gene Keys Venus Sequence to explore the relationship dynamics at a soul level, providing profound insights into the emotional and energetic patterns that define your bond.

        Who This Is For:

        • Couples seeking to strengthen their relationship through better understanding and respect for each other’s unique traits.
        • Partners interested in resolving recurring conflicts by understanding the underlying energetic influences.
        • Anyone looking to deepen their emotional connection and enhance communication within their relationship.

        What’s Included:

        90-Minute Interactive Session: Conducted via Zoom, tailored to explore your relationship dynamics through the lens of Human Design.

        Session Recordings: A video recording of the session will be provided for you to revisit the insights and strategies discussed.

        Custom Relationship Guide: A detailed guide of your combined charts and key takeaways to help you continue improving your relationship dynamics.

        How It Works:

        Pre-Session Preparation: Complete a brief questionnaire to help customize the session to your relationship’s specific needs.

        The Session: Engage in a detailed discussion about your individual charts and how they interact, focusing on practical applications for everyday life.

        Post-Session Support: Receive a summary of the session along with a customized guide and additional resources to support your relationship journey.

        Transform how you relate and communicate with each other by aligning more closely with your true selves. The “Couples Relationship Review” is your step towards a more fulfilling and understanding partnership.

        You know how navigating life can feel like searching for a hidden treasure without a map? You’re just winging it and hoping you figure it out.

        What if there’s a secret compass waiting for you? Human Design is just that—a personal blueprint, your own GPS, offering strategies for living true to how you’re built.

        It’s about making life’s transitions smoother, understanding your unique strengths, and making decisions that are correct for you.

        Human Design can lead you to a life of authenticity, fulfillment, and joy. Who doesn’t want more of that? 

        Hey there! I’m Tonya. 

        Navigating life’s path hasn’t always been straightforward for me.

        Between the pull of external expectations and my inner truth, there was often internal chaos. Like many, I struggled between trusting my intuition, dismissing it as fleeting thoughts rather than the guidance it was destined to be. My journey gradually taught me the invaluable lesson of listening to and trusting my inner voice.

        This inner voice led me to Human Design, a system that completely changed not only how I see myself but also how I engage with the world. As a Splenic Projector, I learned my intuition and attention were my most significant assets, guiding me to strengthen the relationship with myself.

        My professional life has always been deeply rooted in helping others.

        With 15 years on a crisis response team for families impacted by child trauma and dual certifications in Life and Health Coaching, I’ve always been drawn to supporting healing and growth. This background has given me a unique perspective on the power of understanding oneself and one’s natural strengths and challenges.

        Human Design didn’t just offer me personal insights; it provided a framework that integrates seamlessly with my coaching services, enhancing my ability to guide others toward healing and self-confidence. It has been the missing link to help others live authentically, offering a blueprint for living in flow and finding joy in who they are.


        Cancellation Policy

        All purchases are final and non-refundable.

        If you need to reschedule, please reach out at least 24 hours before your appointment. Failing to notify me within this timeframe will result in an additional charge of 50% of the session cost.

        If you miss your scheduled session without prior notice, it will be forfeited and refunds given.

        More than 15 minutes late will be treated as a no-show, and the above policy will apply.




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