Your relationship with your partner, your connection, your ability to rekindle the flame, and anything else you plan to do, absolutely needs to start within you.

As much as I love talking about partners and reconnecting, as much as I love seeing my clients light up when they share a recent experience they had that helped them feel loved, I love nothing more than seeing women transform in front of my eyes as they find their footing to slowly rise into, “I like me, I’m a catch. I’m a damn good woman.” 

There is nothing greater in my eyes than seeing a woman rise into her power and take her place in the word. I get chills just thinking about the impact that has, the ripple effect, the ability to create a better experience for generations when we strengthen the relationship we have with ourselves. 

And that is why I’m here. That is why I do what I do. I shine the light on the path for you to come back to you. 

You see, years ago, I believed that there was something bad about me. I thought that if I were given too much power or authority that I would leave a path of death and destruction. I felt that I needed to be kept in check so that others weren’t harmed in my wake. 

And then I really got to know me, to the core of who I am. I looked at what I valued, what mattered to me, the side of me that loves people, loves my kids, and believes kindness is the highest value above all others. And I realized that if I had all the power and authority that my personal being could hold, I would spread love and kindness. I would parent my children with my heart. I would help the charities that speak to my soul. I would serve generously in ways that felt right to me. 

In my wake, I would leave people better than I found them. 

And that was when I knew I’d found myself.

I know that when you strengthen your relationship with yourself, that you will see the goodness in you, too. As you create a strong loving bond with who you are to the core, all your relationships shift. 

Strengthening your relationship with yourself is all about feminine energy. It’s contemplation versus tasks. Here is where you begin:

  • Think of the harsh statements you make regarding yourself. Where do those come from? In what way have you believed those ideas to be true? If those can possibly be true, then can’t they also possibly be false? 
  • What if the negative beliefs were false? Pretend they are, what would your values be under the surface. If all of a sudden the negative mask was dropped revealing your true values, what your soul yearns for, what would be left? Love? Peace? Happiness? Health? Security? 

If those are your truest wishes to the core, then to the core you are good

Start believing in that goodness, start loving yourself through the same rose colored glasses you love your partner, and take some time to get to know you. Strengthen your relationship with you. 

From this place, your partnership will grow.

Until next time,

Tonya Marie

P.S. Grab the free journal prompts that accompany this “Rekindling the Flame: 30 Days to a Stronger Relationship” blog series at the link below.