When you and your partner have been together for a hot minute, it gets easy to let the day to day things become rather dull and not worth noticing.

Yet, those are the moments that create a beautiful connection. Sitting together for a cup of coffee and watching the sunrise, playing fetch with the dog, doing yard work together on a beautiful summer day. These are the moments we live for. 

However, life can sneak in and get in the way. We allow our schedules to be so overbooked that we are rushing, rushing, rushing. We’re doing the “divide and conquer” plan of life which can become the norm if we’re not careful. 

Where does your relationship sit on that line? Is it time to shift priorities and refocus? 

Here’s the thing. When my previous relationships started to take on water, it was the little things that sank the boat. 

The little missed opportunities, the small challenges as a couple, the moments of lack of care, the seemingly insignificant attention to detail were so little and yet added up to something that was beyond repair.

The little things break relationships. They also make relationships. 

If you or your partner focus on only the big things, the huge display of affection, the big trips, etc. then you’ll continually be disappointed. 

Let the little ordinary things be extraordinary in helping you reconnect as a couple. Sometimes those moments are best kept to be savored for yourself. Others may be important to share with your partner.

What do you do if you’ve gotten so far off track that there aren’t any little moments anymore? 

You create them. Look for something in your daily routine that you can be thankful for and see as a special ordinary moment. It could be getting up together, going to bed together, driving in the car together, having dinner side by side instead of across, sitting in peaceful silence or curled up binging Netflix.

Remember the point is to create magic in the ordinary moments. Trust in your creativity to make them special. 

Remember that intention is everything. When you intend to reconnect through the little ordinary moments in life, the beauty in those moments will shine through for you.

Until next time,

Tonya Marie

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