Rituals are my favorite ways to connect with my partner, and I can’t wait to share some ideas with you! Rituals are those little things you do every day that make a big difference in your quality of life. 

Rituals are different from habits.

Habits are things you do like brushing your teeth. You do what you need to do and it becomes something you don’t need to think about any more, you just mindlessly do it.

Rituals are something you do because you value and enjoy doing them. These are things that are very intentional, very purposeful, and fill you up at the soul level. 

When you create rituals with your partner, connection happens at a deeper level. 

Rituals you can create with your partner are the little things like:

  • A good night kiss.
  • A hug and “I love you” as you walk out the door.
  • A text to say good night if they’re working late.
  • A text randomly during the day to say they’re on your mind. 
  • Dates on Fridays.
  • Walks on the weekend.
  • Breakfast in bed on Sundays.
  • Having coffee outside together while playing fetch with the dog.

What you do isn’t as important as the energy in which you do it. So much of our life is spent checking off the box. Rituals can become that way too. Allow them to be something you can’t wait to do, something that brings both connection and peace to your soul. 

When the energy behind your ritual is truly to just enjoy your partner, let them know they’re in your heart, and keep your connection strong, you both will benefit. When it becomes either a to-do task or if the energy of desperation creeps in, time to do some self reflection and switch things up. 

Over time, rituals shift from connection of the heart to connection to the soul. Can’t wait for you to try this one! 

Do you already have rituals with your partner? Share some of yours in the comments below.

Until next time,

Tonya Marie

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