Years ago, I heard someone say that the only thing constant is change. Phew, ain’t that the truth!

While I’ve learned to embrace change as inevitable and most often a positive thing, it can be a bit overwhelming at times. Especially with the speed at which change comes. 

Something that has helped me embrace the momentum of change is to find solace in the things that remain constant. Specifically my relationship. 

No matter how much change occurs and how much or little I like it, there is the peace of knowing that the rhythm of my partnership is consistent. Knowing and trusting in him, can bring that sense of calm I crave as a respite from the chaos of life. 

Want to know how I do it? 

I start with awareness and reflection. What habits, qualities, routines, are familiar within your relationship dynamic? This can be everything from the sound his vehicle makes when he pulls into the driveway, the clothes he drapes over the side of the hamper, the smell of his aftershave. 

When you slow down and put some time and thought into it, you’ll find so many small aspects of your togetherness that is familiar. The familiar brings peace and safety to our souls when life is moving faster than we seem to be able to keep up with. 

You can use those little pieces of familiarity to reconnect and strengthen your relationship.

They can be a point of focus during your morning meditation. When stressful moments rise up throughout the day, bring in the familiarity and take a few moments to breathe while bringing to mind something familiar. 

If it’s right for your dynamic, share this with your partner. Let them know some of the things you’ve noticed and how you’ve realized that those little things bring comfort to you when life gets hard. Let them know that in a way, they’re a solid foundation for you. 

Some relationship dynamics aren’t quite right for vocally sharing. If that is true for your relationship, use your creativity to show it. Perhaps you write a love note, bring home a favorite dessert, or show it by speaking their love language. There are many ways to communicate if words aren’t right for you. 

This small practice can bring you closer together when life gets chaotic versus pulling you further apart. It’s about leaning in, leaning toward the familiar comforts that come with being together for a time. Allow that in and let it bring you peace. 

Until next time,

Tonya Marie

P.S. Grab the free journal prompts that accompany this “Rekindling the Flame: 30 Days to a Stronger Relationship” blog series at the link below.